Thumbs Up Riding School Rates

Full hour lesson, private or semi-private $50 1/2 hour lesson, private or semi-private $358 lesson

Block of 8 lessons + 1 free lesson $400

Trailering $25 + 0.50 per mile


Lesson Policies

  • Half-hour lessons are recommended for children under the age of 7, and for beginning or returning adults.
  • Trail rides or schooling at shows are subject to regular lesson rates.
  • When scheduling your lesson, please allow an additional hour beyond your riding time for grooming and horse care. This is included in your lesson fee. Students are expected to take responsibility (up to their ability) for grooming and tacking up their horse before lessons and putting the horse away afterwards.
  • We give homework
  • When booking lessons, priority will be given to long-term and consistent students.
  • Whenever there are students whose schedules and instructional needs are compatible, we like to create small groups, as group lessons enable additional activities. Please let us know whether you are interested in becoming part of such a group when the instructor declares you sufficiently independent.
  • Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you have to cancel.

Safety rules

    • Helmets must be worn by all riders whenever mounted.
    • No smoking in the barn or around the horses.
    • No roughhousing around the horses.
    • Clean up after yourself and your horse.
    • Harassment or abuse of any animal will constitute immediate grounds for dismissal.



  • Proper helmet and footgear are required for all students. Helmets must be ASTM certified for horseback riding (no bike helmets). Ideal footgear is a closed shoe with about 1/2″ of heel and some ankle support. The sole should not be too bulky or corrugated.
  • We have some helmets and boots available for loan or purchase. Long-term students should expect to purchase their own, either from us or from a tack shop or web site. NEVER purchase a used safety helmet, it may have invisible failures which render it unsafe.
  • Long hair should be contained, gathered below the level at which the helmet will sit. Please avoid dangling jewelry.
  • Do not chew gum while riding, it is a potential choking hazard.
  • Please let us know, when you are first setting up your lessons, if there are health concerns which might effect your safety or our style of instruction. These concerns might include seizure disorders, dyspraxia or other balance issues, heart conditions, intolerance to temperature, previous closed head injury, etc. Thanks!

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